To create a more diverse, inclusive and equal social impact and investment sector


To support underrepresented, marginalised and disenfranchised, social enterprises and charities to become more supported and included in decisions that affect the very communities they serve. 






Jacy Stewart

Founder and CEO


Hi! Allow me to re-introduce myself, I’m a social impact and investment consultant, career and life alignment coach and social impact investor, with an unmistakable passion for seeing and supporting aspiring entrepreneurs align their life and career with their passion. So for over 25yrs I have worked with aspiring entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities supporting women, black-led charities and social enterprises.


Throughout my entire career, I have only ever worked for the purpose-led and the purpose-driven. For those who want to make a positive change in their lives, their families live in their local communities and in some cases the world.  


The one thing that all these underrepresented communities have in common, is that they have been marginalised by the social investment sector. In 2020 a light was shone and it exposed the lack of diversity, equality and inclusion within the public, private and third sector. It also exposed the lack of social investment being received by those underrepresented communities.


So I am making it my mission to help make the social investment sector be more diverse, equal and inclusive. Over the last few months, I had the privilege to be surrounded by the UK’s leading social investment and Impact, investors, enterprise support providers and infrastructure support providers. By continually holding them accountable, there are times when I met with resistance even excluded and then there are times when I am welcomed and feel that my contributions are valued.


I know that change doesn’t happen overnight and it’s a journey, not a destination but ultimately I believe life wants me to continue to advocate for those who just want to serve in their communities in their own lives but struggle to know just how to do it. Because of the bureaucratic systemic institutions that were never designed for them to a) be a part of and b) benefit from.

Ultimately I believe life wants me to continue to support guide and advice those from underrepresented communities to first align with themselves and then connect to that which they are destined to achieve.


If you would like to keep track of my progress then follow me on Linkedin -@jacystewart


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For Business Sake is a certified social enterprise, and works directly with Local Authorities, Schools, Public, Private (incl. local SME’s), and Infrastructure Third Sector Organisations who work directly with beneficiaries from underrepresented communities. 


Our contracts require us to communicate, establish and maintain positive effective relationships and strategic partnerships, with funders, commissioners and social impact investors. 


For Business Sake was set up to advocate for those who just want to serve in their communities but struggle to know, just how to, due to the systemic institutions that rarely offer opportunities for such communities to be a part of or benefit from.

Our clients include: 

The Social Investment Sectors:

      - Enterprise Support Providers

      - Infrastructure Organisations

      - Social Investors

      - Any organisations who support:

  • Underrepresented, Black & Women-Led

    • Social Enterprises

    • Charities

    • Underrepresented group

  • 40+ Career Transition

  • Sufferers of Intersectionality

  • Aspiring (Social) Entrepreneurs

  • Aspiring Intrapreneurs

Other sectors we support:

Local Authorities

Create better opportunities for excluded communities in both entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.



Enterprise & Employability Incubator and Accelerator programmes to support the development of aspiring and existing social entrepreneurs.


Type of Support:

  • Manage partnership

  • Create social economies

  • Campaign for DE&I

  • Deliver  Entrepreneurship projects

  • Employer Engagement programmes

  • Social Impact Assessment

  • Social Investment Frameworks


Our workplace & wellbeing services are designed for purpose-driven organisations that care about the wellbeing of their staff. In 2020 it was clear that employers were the life force of any organisations. As the uncertainty as to the future of industry hangs in the balance in an ever-changing world, it is important to ensure that staff morale is kept at an all-time high. We offer: 

  • Diversity Equalities and Inclusion 

  • Workplace Wellbeing

  • Employee Wellbeing

  • Energy Healing




Our Enterprise & Employability Products

Our enterprise and employability products are designed to get all those ideas career and business ideas from out of your head down on paper.  There is proven science that putting pen to paper is therapeutic and creates and promotes positive action.  


  • Passionpreneur Guidebooks

  • Intrapreneur Guidebook

  • Social Entrepreneur Guidebook

  • 1-2-1- Coaching & Consultancy








Journal to Success​

   - Guided Life and Career Journals

   - 1-2-1- Coaching & Consultancy



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