9 Days on Purpose Journal


Live as your authentic self for 9 days as you journal your passions, core values, set life and career goals with intention, show up with integrity and Live on Purpose. 


A 9-day journal, that goes above and beyond to expose the true essence of who you truly are includes guided worksheets that helps you to:

  • Know what it means to have a purpose-driven career
  • Live in a purposeful mindful way
  • Release and let go of negative thoughts and the pent-up tensions caused by everyday stress, past hurt and lingering resentment;
  • Overcome obstacle and challenges by focusing on success and achievements;
  • Identify triggers, that causes you to act negatively and positively and act accordingly (when you know better you do better)
  • Being instrumental in helping to identify negative self-talk and assists in getting to the root of the problem
  • Reducing excessive rumination
  • Exercise positive action
  • and so much more


The 9 days on Purpose Journal is perfect for those:

  • seeking a purpose-driven life and career
  • wishing to make a difference in the world
  • wanting to find or serve their purpose in life
  • needing to re-ignite a dream, find a passion or revive a hobby
  • seeking clarity for their next career move
  • wanting to move on to the chapter in their life after a life-changing emotional trauma, divorce, loss, midlife crises etc.
  • who want to stop letting life pass them by, and start taking action in answering their true calling serving their passion and aligning with their purpose in life.

9 Days on Purpose Journal

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