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Because not everyone wants to start up a business

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Use the My Career Notebook to start on your journey into becoming a purpose-driven Intrapreneur​

Here's how it works...

Chapters 1 - 4 supports Intrapreneurs to review, revise, reflect and consider career transition options.

Chapter 5 - 6 supports Intrapreneurs to look deeper into the industry that they want to work in, to see how they can align their skills and experience.  

Chapter 7 - 8 Supports Intrapreneurs on a job search journey with helpful hints of what to expect at interview stage.   

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Hi! I'm Jacy

Since 2009 I've helped hundreds of purpose-led and purpose-driven Passionpreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to take action in the development of both their careers and their businesses.


With a Masters degree in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education, I have supported both organisation and individual to realise their full potential in the Social Enterprise sector.

As a business coach and consultant, I came to realise the THREE major steps that people miss when it comes to career transition.  

The Intrapreneur mini workbook is step one. 

Take a look at what you get

A simple to complete
Notebook to help you on your journey towards a purpose-driven career 

A dream written down is a plan. 


A plan followed by action becomes a reality.

Partner with us and earn 30% 

grab your copy today!

So you can start taking ACTION

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