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Social Economy Community Consultancy
Finding solutions that help build a social economy for
Black and Racialised Communities

the principle:

Hyperlocal social economy community information is at it's highest when gathered by the community for their community – completely community led.

Our social economy community consultants are able to reach those social sector organisations who do not engage with social investment finance and funding that has been created for them, about them but without consulting them.

Social economy community consultants are culturally sensitive and create effortless engagement and trust. 

  • Trained social sector organisations of the locality

  • People with deep connections in the community

  • People with lived experience in a specific area, for example tackling complex issues

  • Social sector organisations who have the skill or can learn the skill to bridge between the social investment sector, infrastructure, and frontline organisations that have the resources and ability to positively impact the community.


what do SECC's do?

  • Reach out to community/sector to gather information, mentor groups and develop the understanding of local economic development issues

  • Help social sector organisations develop feasibilities and business plans based to include identified issues

  • Help to plan financial health check and good governance strategies i.e. review methodologies at board and decision making level

  • Develop information about services/programmes/initiatives at board and decision making level

  • Form peer support groups and networks with the locality

SECC (Train the Trainer Course)

  • Systems & Design Thinking - Understanding the Social Investment eco-system

  • Funding design and financial models 

  • Communication and presentation skills

  • Cultural sensitivity training - Trauma-Informed

Supporting Communities:

  • Collaborative and participatory 

  • Impact measuring

  • Reporting - including methodologies

  • Social economy community leadership skills

  • Resources and assets mapping

  • Networking, mentoring and peer2peer structures



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