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Diversifying the Social Investment and Advisor Market 
Social Enterprise Investment Community Consultants (SEICC)

We're Building a Pool of Black, Racialised and Diverse
Advisors and Consultants

Applications Are Now Open


For Business Sake is building a pool of Black, Racialised and Diverse Advisors with a specific interest in supporting Social Enterprises and Charities to become Social Impact and Investment Ready. 

Download the information pack. Click HERE to learn more about the programme.

The Issue
The capacity barriers Black, Racialised and Diverse Communities face to leverage capacity-building programmes in accessing finance, networks, and resources have been well documented.  "There is a lack of cultural competence, for example, mentors or experts not necessarily understanding the nuances of coming from a Black or Racialised community and how that might impact you as a leader". (Participant of the CLG Programme)

The Background
The social impact and investment sectors have all made ambitious pledges to integrate a Justice, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion lens to eliminate anti-racism and systemic oppression, as they have identified a clear correlation between poverty and race, inequality and injustice. In addition, the Connect Fund has also identified a lack of diverse representation of advisors in the Social Impact and Investment market.

During the Addressing Imbalance conference, held on the 13th of September 2022. A survey was conducted among the participants in which 45% said they needed capacity-building support and handholding to better understand the social impact and investment landscape. The conference also highlighted that many participants were unfamiliar with where to turn to after receiving further Social Impact and Investment information and that there was still a general lack of distrust of funders due to the historical systemic inequalities.

As diverse and experienced advisors, we have long understood the importance of working with underrepresented groups to educate them about the profound systemic changes, strategic agendas and interventions for the benefit of Black and Racialised Communities. Our programme seeks to address this very issue.

We have also found that a high proportion of these groups are unfamiliar with the benefits of understanding the Social Impact and Investment sector and how it could be utilised as another tool to access finance, networks and resources required for these enterprises to grow.



Applications Are Now Open


Download the information pack. Click HERE to learn more about the programme.

the principle:

Hyperlocal social economy community information is at it's highest when gathered by the community for their community – completely community led.

Our social economy investment community consultants (SEICC) are able to reach those social sector organisations who do not engage with social investment finance and funding that has been created for them, about them but without consulting them.

SEICC's are culturally sensitive and create effortless engagement and trust. 

  • Trained social sector organisations of the locality

  • People with deep connections in the community

  • People with lived experience in a specific area, for example tackling complex issues

  • Social sector organisations who have the skill or can learn the skill to bridge between the social investment sector, infrastructure, and frontline organisations that have the resources and ability to positively impact the community


what do SEICC's do?

  • Reach out to community/sector to gather information, mentor groups and develop the understanding of local economic development issues

  • Help social sector organisations develop feasibilities and business plans based to include identified issues

  • Help to plan financial health check and good governance strategies i.e. review methodologies at board and decision making level

  • Develop information about services/programmes/initiatives at board and decision making level

  • Form peer support groups and networks with the locality

SEICC (Train the Trainer Course)

  • Systems & Design Thinking - Understanding the Social Investment eco-system

  • Funding design and financial models 

  • Communication and presentation skills

  • Cultural sensitivity training - Trauma-Informed

Supporting Communities:

  • Collaborative and participatory 

  • Impact measuring

  • Reporting - including methodologies

  • Social economy community leadership skills

  • Resources and assets mapping

  • Networking, mentoring and peer2peer structures

SEICC Training  

Social Economy Investment Community Consultant
Finding solutions that help build social economies for
 Racialised and Diverse Communities


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