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Professionals, Trainers, Business Advisors, Coaches and Healers

Patricia Byrne

EFT & Laughter Therapy Coach

Jacy is AUTHENTIC & RESILIENT. I do not think there are many people that literally live by their word like you do. There is no 'fake' about you. You are therefore from a customer/client/partnership point of view- GENUINE and TRUSTWORTHY. The only other thing I will add is that when you speak-you deliver each word as though it has been individually scanned and selected-and therefore come across as very calm and well informed

Dr Abake Adenle


Jacy is a great listener, resourceful and a sounding boarding who provides a calm and expansive perspective in complex situations.

Dr Patricia Smith

Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Jacy is an excellent business coach!  The confidence she instilled in me through her positive and affirmative out-look on life went a long way towards my own success in business. If you want to be successful in your business, seeing Jacy is a MUST

Tony Henry

Author of the Monday Morning Fix

Definitely someone you want to have on your team. A great listener who pays attention to detail the spoken and unspoken.

She gets you to look at where you are now, where it is you say you want to be and supports you with the action steps on how to get there. I have no hesitation in recommending her services. 

Oneness Sankara  

Purpose Poet & Coach Reiki Master and Guided Meditation

Jacy has the ability to listen beyond the noise and hear what is really going on with her clients. She takes people out of confusion and not knowing which direction to take and guide them in the direction of where they have the potential to go. She looks beyond where you are and see’s where you have the potential to be!

Janet Brown

Life Coach

Maintains good professional working relationships.

Has great insight into business and the needs of services and products.

Keeps it real by being authentic in her approach.

Hirut Fisher

Founder of Hospital at Home, Ethiopia's first home-based healthcare service

Jacy was our business advisor, and she provided valuable and helpful insight into how to improve our business. Jacy is knowledgeable, has an understanding of business requirements and the social enterprise environment and assisted us greatly during the growing phase of our business.

Jacy proved flexible in her solutions and took all our requirements on board.

Loretta Awuah

Project Delivery Coordinator – Business Start-Ups

I attended a workshop delivered by Jacy on’ living on purpose’ which involved rating myself from 1-10 on how fulfilled I felt with certain aspects of my life such as friendships, family, social life etc. This exercise along with thought-provoking questions asked by Jacy encouraged me to reflect on, and identify areas of my life I wanted (and needed) to devote more attention to, along with solutions of how I could reach this in a structured and manageable way. The activity was extremely eye-opening, and is one of many impactful ways to help individuals live on purpose (and achieve goals which are important to them), which can be found in her mindful journal which I highly recommend!

Osmond Pratt

BSc (Hons), FCCA

Jacy does Entrepreneurial consultancy in an unconventional way. A way that is very relevant to modern-day business owners She helps you focuses on very important issues of business development -constant growth and Stability and why should you people hire her?

Hire her because she will not tell you what you just want to hear but what will challenge you and drive you and your organisation to success.

Kojo Eggay

Travel and Marketing Consultant 

Miss Jacy Stewart, years of experience, dedicated, reliable consultant. Business consultant with insightful ideas and ways to succeed. Highly recommended.

Claudia Hamilton

Trustee and Board Member

Jacy is a business  consultant/entrepreneur 

Why should people hire her?

Jacy is a great listener/visionary,  you can take a business idea and turn it into a business. Through the process of turning the idea into a business you instil confidence, vision and valuable support to the person(s) you are working with.

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