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Established since 2011

Social Economy Consultancy

For Business Sake is a social economy consultancy.

As providers for the social impact and investment sector, we provide an essential bridge between Supply ( funders and social investors) and demand  (social enterprises and charities)

Our Social Economy Investment Community Consultants (SEICC) can reach those social sector organisations who do not engage with social investment finance and funding that has been created for them, about them but without consulting them. SEICC's are culturally sensitive and create effortless engagement and trust.

Network & Recruitment Agency

Diversifying the Social Impact & Investment Sector

In 2020 we made it our mission to support the diversification of the social impact and investment sector whilst still continuing to support our core target market. We like to focus on projects, programmes and research that looks at:

  1. Removing barriers for diverse, women-led, Black, and Racialised social entrepreneurs, social enterprises, charities and community businesses in accessing funding and enterprise support,

  2. Addressing inequalities and increasing diversity in the workplace for Black, Racialised and Diverse employees within all sectors of the workforce,

  3. Supporting Black, Racialised and Diverse Leaders suffering from Racial Battle Fatigue due to structural inequalities within the workforce based on their protected characteristics. 

The Story of For Business Sake

We support Social Enterprise startups by providing guidance, resources, and funding to social entrepreneurs aiming to create businesses with a positive social or environmental impact, fostering sustainability and community development.

Social Enterprise Start-Up Support 

We advise organisations on sustainable business practices that prioritise social and environmental impact. Our SEICCs support charities and social enterprises, integrating ethical and responsible strategies to foster community engagement, environmental stewardship, and social equity.

Social Economy Investment Community Consulancy

With a blend of over 30 trained Social Impact and Investment Advisors, Consultants, Trainers, and Facilitators, For Business Sake is the only Black, Racialised, and Diversity-focused Social Impact and Investment Intermediary supporting the Social Impact and Investment Sector in the UK.

Social Economy Consultancy

We equip professionals with skills to advise clients on socially responsible investment strategies. This covers ethical investing, impact assessment, and financial analysis to align investments with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria for positive societal impact.

Social Investment Advisory Training

We embrace differences, and inclusion fosters belonging. Together, they form a framework promoting equal opportunities, respect, and representation for all, fostering a society where everyone's voice is heard and valued.

Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion



Our Mission

To create a more diverse, inclusive and equal social impact & investment sector and workforce

Our Vision

To support underrepresented, overlooked and excluded, communities, social enterprises and charities to become more supported and included in decisions that affect the very communities they serve. 

Our Values

Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion

Social Impact and Investment Intermedaries 

Using a diversity lens, reparitive lens to support an equitable agenda

Our Clients

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