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Meet our

Social Economy Investment Community Consultants (SEICC)

We are helping to create a more diverse social investment advisor market.

We support Black, Racialied and Diverse Charities and Social Enterprises gain access to Social Investment

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With 25+ years of Social Impact and Investment, Jacy offers a wealth of expertise, a strong network, knowledge, and experience to the sector.

Jacy Stewart

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With 25 years of community and social innovation experience, Parminder has passionately supported social entrepreneurs and community organisations. 

Parminder Jutla

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A passionate champion for diversity, creativity, and justice, he brings expertise in social impact investment, youth leadership development, and corporate social responsibility.

Fayyadh Shamsuddin
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She is an ambitious development professional with a sociology postgraduate degree and 6+ years of program management experience.

Mouli Chatterjee

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Dir. Roots & Branches Social Enterprise Leadership Academy, Co-optive Committee Member at Unltd, Vice Chair of Governors, The Forward Centre AP and volunteer to many purpose-driven projects

Liz Douglas

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Founded a Community Housing Collective in 2001, partnering with Housing Associations, the Local Community and the Council to create unique 11 large self build homes and 7 mixed social housing units.

Hanif Alli

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Highly effective PM with a knack for problem-solving and streamlined processes. Proven track record in diverse industries, such as international sporting events, digital companies, financial services

Amelie Taralle

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An angel investor at Atomico, ex-director of Backstage Capital London and leads the 10x10 group - a group of black founders who launched the 10x10 Fund. He is spearheading efforts to make European investing more diverse

Andy Davis

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Goldsmiths University Senior Business Consultant who is passionate about supporting BAME Businesses, assisting them to fast-track growth and create sustainability in today’s competitive market.

Dean Williams

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Founder of Marshall & Brown. He has been helping businesses deliver profitable growth for over 20 years. He understands the B2B sector extremely well, sales, marketing, operations, strategy and P&L .

Dr Carlton Brown

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An award-winning experienced executive professional with extensive executive, strategic, business and operational management experience. Professional coach and expert performance manager.

Wendy McPherson

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An award-winning creative designer with executive assistant, operations and project assistant experience, providing administrative and organisational support to senior executives, project managers.

George Boateng

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A Senior Consultant at The Social Investment Consultancy (TSIC). She has conducted 30+ impact evaluation projects with clients like tackling issues such as poverty, structural inequity, arts and culture.

Yu-Shan Chiu

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A senior leader operating at director level with a unique set of skills and experiences from across the not-for-profit and corporate sectors developed over the last 10 years, with an unrivalled understanding of key charities.

Ugo Ikokwu
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A Business Consultant, Speaker and Facilitator working with business leaders and teams to gain confidence to achieve fast, consistent and sustainable business growth through knowing their value.

Morton Patterson

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A Strategy Director experienced in Growth, Tech, Entrepreneurship, Policy and Thought Leadership. Diverse experience in Environmental Social & Corporate governance (ESG) and commercial ecosystems.

Amy Barbor

Social Economy Investment Community  Consultant Solutions

Social Economy Investment Community Consultants

Our Social Economy Investment Community Consultants (SEICC) are able to reach those social sector organisations who do not engage with social investment finance and funding that has been created for them, about them but without consulting them. SEICC's are culturally sensitive and create effortless engagement and trust.

Social Economy Investment Community Consultancy

We work with Social Investment wholesalers and intermediaries delivering Enterprise Development Programms. We  deliver:

  1. Social Investment Business Growth Plans

  2. Social Investment Financial Growth Plans

  3. Social Investment Consultancy and Brokerage Services

Partner with us to support more Black, Racialised and Diverse Communities in the UK access Social Investment.

Meet the Social Investors and Intermediaries working to support Black, Racialised and Diverse Charities and Social Enterprises

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The Diversity Forum

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The Pathway Fund

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