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Our Story

For Business Sake was set up to advocate for Black, Racialised and Diverse Charities & Social Enterprise who are dedicated to serving their communities to overcome some of the most critical issues and barriers that their beneficiaries face on a daily basis..

Our Team

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CEO & Founder

Jacy Stewart

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Interim COO

George Boateng

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Social Media

Emily Midwinter

Our Approach

We support and help to circumnavigate the complexities of the social impact and investment sector and act as bridge between supply and demand of grants and social investments. We recognise the ne need  to support the third in becoming more equitable, diverse and inclusive

Us in Numbers


Assisted in investing over £9m in grants to support Black, Racialised and Diverse charities and social enterprises


 Supported 39 Social Impact and Investment sector organisations


Supported over 900 Black, Racialised and Diverse Charities and Social Enterprises 


Supported over 21k+ Young People in their career pathways

We’ve Been Covered In

Please send any media enquiries to

Social Media & Content Creator

JahNia Imara-Stewart

    Sales & Marketing

    Aden Farah

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