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Interested in setting up or further developing your Social Enterprise?

We support Black, Racialised and Diverse Charities and Social Enterprises gain access to Social Investment and Grants

Social Enterprise Solutions

Starting an Enterprise Development Journey

Our Social Economy Investment Community Consultants (SEICC) are able to reach those social sector organisations who do not engage with social investment finance and funding that has been created for them, about them but without consulting them. SEICC's are culturally sensitive and create effortless engagement and trust.

Understanding Legal Structures 

We work with Social Investment wholesalers and intermediaries delivering Enterprise Development Programms. We  deliver:

  1. Social Investment Business Growth Plans

  2. Social Investment Financial Growth Plans

  3. Social Investment Consultancy and Brokerage Services

For support on helping you scale your social enterprise.

Income Generation Surgeries

Our SEICC has access to a number of funding databases and we are networked into Social Impact and Investment finance and grant opportunities from Social investment wholesalers, trust and foundations


Starting from £125 learn how your organisation can develop a fundraising strategy beyond the dependency of grant funding. In just 60 minutes and a safe place to throw around ideas and explore opportunities.

Meet the Social Investors and Intermediaries working to support Black, Racialised and Diverse Charities and Social Enterprises

The Ubele Initaitve:- Flexible Finance

The Diversity Forum

Do it Now Now


The Pathway Fund

CAF Ventursome



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