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Customer Touchpoints

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Getting to know customer touchpoints, how they impact your business and how to make them work for you! A lifeline between you and your customers.

What is a Touchpoint?

A customer touchpoint is any point your audience comes into contact with your product, content or business.

Whether they see your post pop up on their feed, see an ad for your product range or receive an email or message from you. They could be browsing your website or a third-party review site; essentially, a touchpoint is any time a customer hears about your brand.

Understanding customer touchpoints is the key to growing your brand awareness, building your business and increasing your sales.

Don't drown your customers in emails, spam, messages and ads

Touchpoints can help you boost sales, but it is quality, not quantity, that matters.

If a new customer purchases one of your products but then receives mountains of Ads, Emails and spam pressuring them to buy again, they won't shop with you anymore. This ham-fisted approach only alienates customers and loses engagement.

The best touchpoints are timed well and tailored to your customers' journey. Know what to communicate and when.

Touchpoints are about Communication, not Hard Selling

For new customers, aim to intrigue them with your content and product range, convey your personality and expertise, and demonstrate that your values align with their own. It's much easier to sell if your customers like you. Get people engaged, and you don't have to jump in with promo codes straight away.

Engaged audiences that follow your page subscribe to your mailing list or visit your website to browse your range interested in the service you offer. These are the audiences you're most likely to convert into customers with a well-timed display ad or special seasonal offer, but remember to be considerate of how you interact. To much spam, and you'll lose audiences. If an approach doesn't work, try a new one.

If a customer abandons their basket, send them an email reminder. Let them know their products are still there waiting for them. It's easy for people to become distracted whilst in the order process. An abandoned cart message can increase your store's conversion rate significantly.

Communication with your customers doesn't have to end at checkout: If a customer buys an item from you, be sure to check in with an email or message.

A simple post-purchase contact can show your customers you care about your product and delivering excellent service whilst also help to mitigate the chance of any negative reviews. Make sure you can intercept any negative feedback before it becomes a negative review!

Significant touchpoints make the customer feel like they're in direct contact with you and your business with a two-way communication channel. Understanding their journey helps you target customers with the right approach at the right time to increase your sales and build brand recognition. Get the right message to your customers and encourage them to be in contact with you.

Master Touchpoints, and you'll grow an engaged audience of repeat customers. For Business Sake, we specialise in turning ideas into action and building businesses from passions. We've developed a mini workbook that helps you do just this, where we explain the process of constructing your business plan from the ground up, covering everything from brand planning to gaining investment and joint venture arrangements.

Suppose you're still struggling to grasp touchpoints or need help building a communication plan for your business. In that case, our Passionpreneur Purpose & Profit Mini Workbook has all the guidance you need to complete the 40 steps to ensure your business succeeds.


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