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#SAVE A SEAT - Is your Board of Trustees, Senior Management Team and Staff Culturally Diverse?

Looking back: I wrote this article in June 2020 when the world began finally opened its eyes to see clearly the inqualities and effects that is caused through systemic institutionalised inequality

For years I have vocally campaigned and expressed my opinion, especially when it comes to putting race on the agenda. I have worked for the majority of my career in the voluntary and community sector (mainly as a consultant) and rarely have I ever seen a board or senior management committee that is representative of the communities that it serves. Whenever I apply for a job in the Social Impact Investment Sector, I take a look at the management structure as the diversity and culture of the company often speaks volumes.

A couple years ago I applied for a role with a Social Impact Investment organisation that support purpose-driven individuals who want to work in purpose-driven companies. The scheme matches individuals with organisations that share a similar, passion, cause or value. Even the Board, Staff and Alumni were not culturally diverse, I applied anyway. While I was not successful, my overarching issue was the lack of representation within the organisation.

When another similar organisation advertised a similar role, I used the same protocol. I looked at the Staff (All White), Board (All White) Trainers (All White), Mentors (All White) and of the previous cohorts which totalled over 300 only five were visible from the black community. It was this type of representation coupled with the fact that local and central governments are again going to form more reviews, committee commissions, working groups and steering committees to address what we already know that it’s the perfect time to speak out. And there has never been more of a better time than now to have the opportunity TO TAKE ACTION.

I'm asking the same question, to take a look around at your Board of Trustees and Senior Management structures and ask yourself “Why is it not culturally representative?”

I'm calling on, large charities, especially those who advocate for supporting developing countries such as Africa and receive hundreds of thousands of pounds in donations every year. To ask the question “Why is it not culturally diverse nor is it representative of the communities you serve?”