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The Voice of your Brand

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Establishing YOUR Brand'S Voice

When you start your business, it's essential to consider your branding. The message you want to express to your customer. You need to consider everything from the tone in your copywriting and social media posts to the colour scheme and visuals for your content.

When it comes to branding, consistency is key. Your customers need to know who they are talking too, and your content needs to be easily recognisable. Your brand is the foundation from which customers can build a relationship with you.

You are your brand

Customers may not want to buy from a faceless, emotionless company. They favour brands they feel they can trust. They want to trust your passion for the service you offer and trust your knowledge and experience to deliver what you promise. They want to know they're talking to an expert, someone considerate of their needs and a person they genuinely like, so don't be afraid to demonstrate your character or your personality through your content.

The emergence of online-only business

Online, it's even harder for customers to trust. It isn't easy to connect with your customers when a screen separates you, so it's even more essential to convey your message.

Your captions, posts, comments, and messages need to be consistent whilst highlighting your personality and letting your customers who you are and what you offer.

As a small business owner, you are your USP. On paper, it might be your value-added service or your unique approach, but as the owner, you deliver that service. Conveniently you are also the worlds greatest advocate for your business.

Demonstrate your expertise to your audience by answering questions, sharing relevant information. Your audience looks to you as an expert in your field, share some of your knowledge.

Don't be afraid to write passionately about your products or your service. Heartfelt expression wins more sales than a list of features.

Tell us about yourself, your interests, your passions. Customers want to relate to you. Humanising your brand can help people connect with you, your business and your vision.

If you can build a relationship with your customers, you'll build a business with followers that care about your brand.

For Business Sake, specialise in turning ideas into action and building businesses from passions. We've developed a workbook that helps you do just this, where we explain the process of constructing your business plan from the ground up, covering everything from brand planning to gaining investment and joint venture arrangements.

Suppose you're still struggling to build a brand message or having difficulty connecting to your target audience. In that case, our Passionpreneur Pocket Workbook has all the guidance you need to complete the 40 steps to ensure your business succeeds.


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