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Planning for Success

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

An action plan for starting your business

When you start your new business, you need to have an action plan that lays out a path of all the steps your business needs to succeed. You need to consider everything from your first customer to your 5-year vision. But to build this plan you need to ask yourself the right questions:

What does your business do?

Who are you selling to?

How are people going to hear about you?

How are you going to grow?

Building a Business Plan

You need to think about 2 things - your business and your customers. Consider who you are and who you are selling too.

What service do you offer or what product do you sell?

Whether you selling designer dresses or painting portraits, your brand is who you are. Think about what makes your approach unique and why people might choose your business over your competitors. Your USP or a value-added service. These details will help you identify your customers.

Who needs this service or wants this product? Who is your target audience?

Now it’s time to consider your customers. Who are they? Break down you’re offering and imagine what your average customer is like. Brainstorm their interests, what social media they use, where they shop, how they hear about businesses